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Dear Parent or Guardian,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to discuss how we can work together toward your child’ssuccess. My name is Tilola L. M. Robinson, and this is my eighth year of teaching at Reedy Creek Middle.  I am looking forward to an excellent year. To have a successful school year will require a team effort. As the parent or guardian you play a vital role in your  child’s success.

How can you help, by doing the following:

  • Communication:  Consistent communication with your  child and me is the number one key to success.
  • Review: Ask to see your child’s daily homework, notes, and agenda.
  • PowerSchool: Online tool for access to daily and cumulative grades.
  • Be Positive: Celebrate your child’s success and discuss strategies for problem solving.
  • Accountability: Student’s are responsible for their own success.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and choosing to participate in your child’s success not only in Math but in all their endeavors. Together we can help your child  to Stirve for Ongoing Amazing Results with a PRIDE spirit!

No Exceptions, No Excuses Excellence for ALL


Tilola L. M. Robinson, BS, M.ED

6th Grade Mathematics

Reedy Creek Middle School

How Students grades are weighted:

     Tests/Projects                                     30%

      Quizzes                                               30%

       Homework                                         10%

       Classwork                                          30%