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Common Core 6+ Syllabus

Secrets to Success in Mathematics 6 Plus Class: Mrs. Dobson 2013-2014

Grading Plan: All in class assignments and tests will be given a point value. Letter grades are based on a percentage of the points:

A= 93% and up

B= 85% to 92%

C= 77% to 84%

D= 70% to 76%

F= 69% and below (no credit, not passing)

Topics; 6th grade mathematics will cover many different topics. Listed below are the topics we study for the year.

Exponents and Order of Operations

Algebraic Expressions and Properties with Whole Numbers

Equations and Inequalities with Whole Numbers

LCM/GCF and Operations with Fractions and Decimals

Integers and Rational Numbers on the Number Line

Coordinate Plane and Area, Perimeter, Circumference, Angle Relationships

Surface Area and Volume

 Ratios, Rates, Measurement Conversions

Proportions and Percents

Collect, Analyze, Display Data

Assignments: Each in class assignment is worth points. Any missing work will be counted as a zero until it is made up or a student has asked for an alternative assignment. Each student is given the duration of the quarter to make up any type of late or missed assignment with a deduction of 5 points for each week the assignment is late. Work WILL NOT be accepted after the quarter in which it was assigned has passed.

TESTS/PROJECTS          30%

HOMEWORK                 15%

CLASSWORK                  35%

QUIZZES                           20%


  • Tests will be given after each unit of instruction.  All questions on each test will cover material from the daily assignments and notes given in class. YOU MAY RETAKE A TEST! Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their grade but a student must have received a grade of 79 or lower to retake a test. If a student retakes a test they will be given 1 week to study before retaking the test on their own time (i.e. before or after school.)
  • Quizzes will be given intermittently throughout the quarter.
  • Projects may occur at any time during the quarter.
  • Daily grades will consist of study sheets, activities, and labs to complete. Points will vary with each assignment. The more points an activity is worth the more important it is to your grade.
  • Math notes and class work will be kept in the 3 ring binder.
  • Homework will be collected each day it is assigned.
  • WARM UPS: Each day when students enter the room there will be a warm up on the board that relates to information covered in previous classes. Students will turn in all warm-ups daily.
  • HOMEWORK: JUST DO IT! It is 15% of  your grade. It will assigned daily and should be copied intoyour agenda.