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Resources and Links

To view a copy of the “Study Guide-6th Grade Science Final Exam” and Supplement on the Electromagnetic Spectrum, use the following link to Blackboard, then click on “Content” in the box on the left side:

BrainPop-Many videos and quizzes:
username: reedycreekms
password: eagles
go to Science, then Matter and Chemistry, then choose “Atoms”, or “Compounds and Mixtures”,or “Matter Changing States”, or “Temperature”. Also, see other topics related to the 6th Grade Science curriculum.

Discovery Education Links:
1. Go to
2. Username: wcp_____________ (put in your student id #)
3. Password: ________________ (Put in your student id #)

Discovery Education Videos & Activities (search using the topic found in quotes):
1. The Flow of Energy in the Environment-
“Biology: The Science of Life: The Flow of Energy and Matter in the Living World: Photosynthesis and Respiration”

2. Tsunamis-
“Properties of Waves”

3. Properties of Waves –
“Waves: Energy in Motion” (view only the following sections-transverse waves, longitudinal waves, types of waves, wave reflection, wave refraction, wave diffraction, sound waves, the doppler effect, sound intensity, and human hearing).

4. Sound- “Basics of Physics-Exploring Sound”

5. Light-“Elements of Physics: Light and Electromagnetism” (view only “The Nature of Light” and “Properties of Light”).

6. Human Sight-“Basics of Physics- Exploring Light and Color”

7. Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter-“Physical Science Series: Properties of Matter”

8. The Effect of Heat on Atoms, Temperature, Thermal Energy, Expansion & Contraction, Conduction, Convection and Radiation –
“Heat and the Changing States of Matter”

9. “Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration”

10. “Biomes: The Adaptations of Organisms”

Matter, Atoms, Elements, and Compounds –

“Lunar Eclipses for Beginners” website:
“Solar Eclipses for Beginners” website:

Space Exploration Timeline –

Formation of the Solar System – animation:

What Causes Ocean Tides? – animation:

QR Code Generator –

NASA – Benefits from research conducted on the International Space Station:

Your weight on other worlds
What’s the difference between mass and weight?
What’s the relationship between gravity, mass, and the distance from the planet’s center?…
go to:

How about your age on other planets?…
go to:

Plate Tectonics –

More Plate Tectonics –

Formation of an Ocean Basin – animation:

Sea Floor Spreading and Tectonic Plate Boundaries – animation:

How Tsunamis form – animation:

Ocean Web-Ocean and Climate Resources for Students:

“The Element Song” –

“Build a Food Web” –

“4-H Virtual Forest: Photosynthesis-Putting Together With Light” –

Students can  view the 6th Grade Glencoe Science Textbook online (note-Mac computers may not work for this, see the ck12 online textbook below, also for topics relating to properties of matter-use ck12 text below):     Go  Click where it says-“Click Here to Enter Student Center”.  Then, Go to “Textbook Resources –  and select “Online Student Edition”.  Next, click:

“For online student edition, click here”.  Then, enter the following-

User Name:  NCGR605

Password:   che6edr4

On the left side of the screen, under “Book Marks”, select:  “Table of Contents”.  Then select the unit of interest (for example, “Unit 2-The Dynamic Earth”).  You can then select the appropriate chapter and section under the unit.  The text size can be adjusted by using the zoom feature on the tool bar.

An additional textbook is also available online (ck12).  The link is provided below:

Other websites:

1-3 below from our Computer Lab Session with Mrs. Guilford
1. SAS Curriculum Pathways Virtual Lab on Seasons & Sun-Earth Distances:

2. Time Zones:

3. Online Conversions – Weight on other planets:

Seismic Waves:

Cool Cosmos/NASA, Heat and Temperature:

Cool Cosmos/NASA, Infrared Radiation: