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Due Wednesday 10/22/14: Complete questions 1-7 in the “Characteristics of Waves” packet

Due Tuesday 10/28/14: Complete questions 1-4 in the “Measuring Waves” packet.

Due Wednesday 11/12/14: Complete the Sound packet including the “What is Sound?” worksheet on the last page of the packet (page 18).

Due Thursday 11/13/14: “Doppler Sonograms”, worksheet page 27. Do not do question #4 on this worksheet.

Due Wednesday 1-6-15: Questions 1-15 on the Electromagnetic Spectrum (use packet to answer questions).

Due Thursday 1-7-15: “Thermal Energy”, page 37 (crossword)

Due Friday 1-8-15: Finish packet on “Forces Shaping Earth/Earth’s Moving Plates”, pages 49-56 (do not do foldables). Also, TEST ON MONDAY 1-12-15. Test will cover Waves, Sound, Light, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Thermal Energy.

March 4, 2015: Retest on Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, etc. Students must show properly completed test corrections from 1st test otherwise retest will not be allowed.